The experimental teaching center of the School of Life Sciences

The experimental teaching center of the School of Life Sciences was established in August 2011, including cell biology laboratory, biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory, microbiology and immunology laboratory, digital microscopic interaction laboratory, animal laboratory, teaching preparation room, etc.  Total laboratory areas are about 500 m2, nearly 100 experimental equipment, and total value about 2 million RMB


The experimental teaching center can meet the biology and biotechnology undergraduate majors related to the need of experimental teaching, the open experiment, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology experiment courses, and can provide biological physics, physiology, immunology, biology, instrument analysis, biostatistics, bioinformatics, space, space biology and biotechnology, biological engineering, biological materials provide matching experiment teaching.


The main task of the center is to undertake the experimental teaching work of undergraduates. Cultivating compound talents with innovative ability is the focus of the center. Through experimental teaching, the basic knowledge of biology related subjects is transformed into students' comprehensive use of knowledge and innovation ability.

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