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Professor Qian Ai-Rong Serves As Guest Editor of SEMIN CELL DEV BIOL

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Professor Qian Ai-Rong is the academic leader of the Laboratory of Bone Metabolism, School of Life Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University. She was invited by John Davey, the Editor-in-Chief of Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology (a well-known international SCI journal), to serve as Guest Editor for the 69th issue “Spectraplakins, versatile roles in physiology and pathology”. Assistant Prof. Hu Li-Fang serves as co-Guest Editor. They take charge of commissioning the topics, identifying and inviting authors, handling manuscript review and acceptance. In addition, Prof. Qian takes responsibility to design the issue cover.

After more than one year work, seven Spectraplakin-related articles have been accepted. The seven articles introduce the biological functions of Spectraplakin family members, including MACF1, BPAG1, Short stop, and Vab10, respectively. Two articles titled “MACF1, versatility in tissue-specific function and in human disease” and “BPAG1, a distinctive role in skin and neurological diseases” belong to the Laboratory of Bone Metabolism.

Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology (referred to as SEMIN CELL DEV BIOL) is an SCI journal and the impact factor is 6.614. The journal is dedicated to keeping scientists informed of developments in the field of molecular cell and developmental biology. Each issue is thematic, devoted to an important topic of interest to cell and developmental biologists, focusing on the latest advances and their specific implications. Every issue is edited by a guest editor, an internationally acknowledged expert in the field, and contains authoritative invited reviews on different aspects of the subject area.


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