Institute of special environmental biophysics


"Special environmental biophysics research institute of northwestern polytechnical university” was founded in 2007. It is a secondary research institution of northwestern polytechnical university, which is jointly established by the laboratory of molecular cell biology and biomedical engineering under the leadership of professor shang peng and the laboratory of biological macromolecule crystal growth under the leadership of professor Yin dachuan , It is also the main component of the national defense key science laboratory of space biological experiment simulation technology. The institute mainly focuses on the research of the crystallization of biological macromolecules in the field of biophysics and biological effects of special physical environment (gravity, radiation and magnetic field, etc.).


Molecular cell biology and biomedical engineering laboratory based on molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, pharmacology and biomedical engineering disciplines, such as life science and combining with aerospace science and technology major subjects under the background of question on the basis of space life science and application, carry out special physical environment space (gravity, radiation and magnetic field, etc.) under the basic research of the basic rules of life activity process, and the use of the special environment of biotechnology applied basic research, as a human in the special environment for normal activities of security provides the basic theory and application technology support.


"Biological macromolecular crystal growth research" based on the structural biology, biophysics, physics and material science disciplines, such as combination of aerospace science and technology under the background of subject on the basis of space life science and the application problems, focus on space and strong magnetic field environment in the field of biological macromolecules, biological materials applied research, make the fullest use of these special environment for human being to provide theoretical and experimental basis.


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