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School of Life Sciences invited Professor Zhenhai Xia from University of North Texas to give an academic report

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On the morning of April 22th, Zhenhai Xia, a Dual Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Chemistry, School of Engineering, University of North Texas, USA, gave an academic report entitled "Bioinspired Smart Surfaces with Switchable Adhesion" in the 102 meeting room of the School of Life Sciences, Friendship Campus. The report was chaired by Yusheng Tang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Life Science. Dachua Yin,  Professor Junling Shi, Professor Tingli Lu, and some teachers and students listened the report carefully.

On behalf of the School of Life Sciences, Yusheng Tang extended a warm welcome and a sincere thank to Professor Zhenhai Xia, and introduced his resume to the teachers and students briefly. In combination with his own research field, Professor Xia Zhenhai explained the characteristics of "smart surface layer". He detailed the fabrication process of layered nanotube arrays and their development prospects in new high-efficiency bionic self-cleaning adhesives, smart surfaces, MEMS, tunable micro-micromanipulators, and biomedical equipment, etc.

Professor Xia Zhenhai also introduced some of the work he was researching and would carry out. The in-depth exchanges and discussions on the questions raised by teachers and classmates were made, and valuable suggestions were provided for future research development directions and research methods in this field.

Finally, Secretary Yusheng Tang thanked Professor Xia again for his wonderful report. The participating teachers and students studied the essence of the report carefully, broadened their academic horizons and benefited a lot. (Text / Yi Cao, Jiaqi Ma; Pictures / Jiaqi Ma; Review / Xiping Ma;Translate/Yingchun Yang)



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