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Professor Samar Hasnain from the University of Liverpool visited the School of Life Sciences and gave an academic report

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At the invitation of Associate Professor Xudong Deng and Professor Dachuan Yin of School of Life Sciences, Samar Hasnain, chair Professor of Max Perutz Molecular Biophysics, department of Health and Life Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK, and director of the Barkla X-ray Biophysics Laboratory visited the School of Life Sciences from september 15th to september 20th. Professor Samar Hasnain gave an academic report titled "Pursuing Biochemistry research using synchrotrons, X-ray lasers and cryoEM" in the 102 meeting room at 10:00 on september 19th. The report was chaired by Xudong Deng and Dachuan Yin. Some teachers, doctoral students and postgraduate students from the School of Life Sciences attended the meeting.

Samar Hasnain introduced the technical parameters of synchrotrons of various research institutions in Britain, China, Japan and other countries, as well as the latest progress in the research of material structure. He indepth explained the application examples of large-scale equipment such as synchrotron, X-ray laser, and cryo-electron microscopy in studying proteins, nucleic acid structures, dynamic interactions between small molecules and proteins, and drug-aided design.

After the report, the teachers and students raised their comprehensions in research topics such as protein structure and drug design to Professor Hasnain, and had a heated discussion with him on the issues that protein purification and structural analysis.

During the visit, Dachuan Yin introduced the overall situation of the School of Life Sciences and the research work of the research team to Professor Hasnain in detail and showed him the various laboratories of the School of Life Sciences. Professor Hasnain said that he fully felt the enthusiasm of the teachers and students during this visit. He hopes that he could have a comprehensive cooperation with the School of Life Sciences in teaching and scientific research.

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