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Professor Qian Airong Serves as the Associate Editor of Frontiers in Physiology

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In March 2018, Professor Qian Airong of Northwestern Polytechnical University was invited to join the Editorial Board of this specialty as an associate editor of Environmental, Aviation and Space Physiology section of Frontiers in Physiology by the chief editor. Being an associate editor, Prof Qian needs building her board of 10-15 Review Editors, supervising their work, handling the review process and considering organizing a collection of articles in the journal.
Frontiers in Physiology is a leading journal (referred to as FRONT PHYSIOL) ranked the second in the field of physiology worldwide, with the impact factor 4.134 and the secondary citation of JCR partition. The journal studies the physiological functions of all living systems and their interactions with the environment from subcellular, molecular domains to complete organisms. There are 27 research sections, of which Professor Qian Airong is responsible for Environmental, Aviation and Space Physiology forum, in the filed of the adaptation and change of organism in structure and function under abnormal environment.


There are in total two specialty chief editors and thirteen associate editors of Environmental, Aviation and Space Physiology section. Professor Qian Airong is the only Asian associate editor.

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