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Academic Week Held for the 10th Anniversary of School of Life Science NPU

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On the morning of April 12,2014 NPU held grand celebrations for the 10th anniversary of School of Life Science.

It has been ten years since School of Life Science was established in April 2004. Professor Shang Peng, Dean of the school, delivered a speech entitled “Ten Years of Construction and Development forSchoolofLife Science”. Shang Peng said that, in accordance with the university’s motto of "Broadness, Honesty, Bravery, and Persistence", and to bring into full play the spirit of "solid foundation, earnest work, plain attitude, and innovative spirit", School of Life Science strove hard to build it into an influential teaching and research base in life science both at home and abroad, which, would have a high starting point, high level and its unique features, and which, with cultural inheritance as its major task, would always cater for important national needs and center on the cultivation of talents, and the innovation of knowledge. Vice President ofHong KongBaptist University, Professor Huang Weiguo on behalf of all the guests, made a speech to express their congratulations and best wishes for the schools’10thanniversary. After the opening ceremony, all the teachers and students present at the meeting listened attentively to a special report by Academician Gu Yidong on “Space Science and Manned Space Flight inChina”, which, with its rich content, perspectiveness, and informativeness, fascinated all the listeners greatly and strongly stimulated their desire to explore and discover.

The Academic Week mainly consisted of three major parts: Academicians’ seminars, national and international academic conferences, and academic council meeting, which would draw over 60 well-known experts and scholars home and abroad to participate in the academic exchange. Besides, at the intervals some other activities would also be conducted, such as the Appointment Ceremony of Guest Professors home and abroad forSchoolofLife Science, the Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony and Opening Ceremony withHongKongBaptistUniversity, Alumni Forum, the School Open Day, and Key Laboratory Open Day.

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